Departmental Seminar: Evolutionary Biology

Winter Term 2023

Tuesdays. 11:30 - 13:00
Lecture Hall 3, University of Vienna Biology Building, Djerassiplatz 1, 1030 Vienna

30300142 SE Evolutionary Biology (2023W)
Departmentalseminar for Masterstudents
2.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie
Continuous assessment of course work

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October 3rd Mihaela Pavlicev/Andreas Wanninger
General information
Niko Papadopoulos
Datamanagement 1 - What is version control and why should I care?
Brian Metscher
Datamanagement 2 - Pictures are data too
October 10th Brian Metscher
Scientific Presentation - Really helpful tips for giving seminar talks
October 17th Sebastian Hess
Exploring microalgae and their parasites: from species to molecules
October 24th Niko Papadopoulos
Datamanagement 3 - Sharing and archiving data: when, where, and how
October 31st Sara Angjeliu
Aktivitätsmessungen kleiner Bodentiere mittels moderner Körperschall-Messmethoden.
November 7th Anne Le Maître
Decomposing morphological variation at different spatial scales, with applications to the primate skull
November 14th Max Hämmerle
Muscle development in the larval stages of Pycnogonum litorale
November 21st Mildred J. Johnson
Recent developments on the endolithic bryozoan genus Immergentia and the description of a new species
Kristin Szydlik
Seasonal Changes of Body Condition in a population of Fire Salamanders (Salamandra salamandra) in Vienna
November 28th Sara Kast
Austrolethops wardi (Teleostei: Gobiidae) – does phylogenetic conservatism obscure trophic ecology?
Michael Neulinger
The Alimentary Tract of South African Monkey Beetles (Scarabaeidae:Hopliini)
December 5th Harald Krenn
Flies on frogs and flowers – mouthparts of specialized Diptera
December 12th Philipp Hummer
A history of genomic conquest: What can sequence data from historic sources tell us about the dynamics of transposable element invasions?
January 9th Günther Pass
"Wien ist anders" - Leben zwischen Umwelt und Geschichte
January 16th Julia Straßl
Funktionsmorphologie der Wespentaille
Fabio Rozhon
Tagfalterzählung im Auenreservat Marchegg
January 23rd Alice Frisinghelli
Mesoderm and coelom formation in the arrow worm Spadella cephaloptera
January 30th Cristian Barrera
Omics applied to the bioadhesion mechanism of the arrow worm Spadella cephaloptera.
Anton Lamboj
Ecological conditions and fish diversity of the Upper and Middle Waanje River in Sierra Leone