Useful skills for Master and PhD candidates

In the context of scientific work, basic but also specific technical skills are required.
Students are recommended to acquire relevant skills and techniques before or at the start of their Masters or PhD projects.

Below you will find a list of courses at the Department of Evolutionary Biology that are designed to acquire such skills.

Scientific writing

300018 UE Scientific Literature and Communication for Biologists 
5.00 ECTS, Summer term, Metscher

300443 SE+UE Scientific Writing: Abstracts and Articles
3.00 ECTS, Summer term, Metscher

300531 UE Writing Theses and Articles in English 
Effective communication and presentation of scientific research
5.00 ECTS, Winter term, Metscher

Lab techniques

300232-1 UE Fluorescence staining, confocal microscopy and computer generated 3D-reconstruction, 10 ECTS, Winter term, Wanninger, Redl, Brenneis

300040 PP Histological techniques, microscopy & 3D-reconstruction
Winter term, Schwaha, Bibermair, Goldammer, Redl

300070 UE Microscopic anatomy of vertebrates (Histology of various vertebrate organ systems), every 2nd year
Winter term, Schwaha, Beisser

300561 UE Molekulare Phylogenetik - von der DNA zum Stammbaum der Tiere (Molecular phylogenetics - from DNA to phylogenetic trees)
10 ECTS, Winter term, Steiner, Baranyi

Data processing

300246 VU Analysis of biological data with Python for non-bioinformaticians
5.00 ECTS, Summer term, Engelhardt

300416 UE 3-D Imaging and Modeling Using MicroCT 
Microscopy and software methods for 3D morphological analysis
10.00 ECTS, Winter term, Metscher

300114 UE Histological image digitization and 3D object reconstruction
5.00 ECTS, Summer term, Pavlicev, Engelberger, Metscher, Schwaha

300121 UE Image analysis and reconstruction of morphological datasets (FIJI and open source software)
Winter term, Schwaha, Brenneis

300530 UE Imaging and visualization in developmental biology 
Principles and applications, including 3 D Methods
5.00 ECTS, Summer term, Metscher, Kraus 

300357 UE Mathematical Basics for Quantitative Biology
4.00 ECTS, Winter term , Mitteröcker, Fischer 

300039 VO Introduction to multivariate statistics 
3.00 ECTS, Summer term, Mitteröcker

300359 UE Exercises for introduction to multivariate statistics
3.00 ECTS, Summer term, Mitteröcker, Gunz

300149 UE Practical introduction to programming for biologists
5.00 ECTS, Winter term, Papadopoulos

300164 UE Advanced bioinformatic analysis of single-cell data
5.00 ECTS, Summer term, Papdopoulos


300097 UE Natural History Collections
3.00 ECTS, Winter term, Pavlicev, Engelberger
"Provides a concise overview of state of the art curation techniques for natural history collections. It covers topics as basic specimen collection and preparation techniques, storing natural history collections, georeferencing and digitization. The second series of lectures will introduce ways of utilization of natural history specimen collections in different scientific fields."