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The Department of Evolutionary Biology seeks to understand the evolution of animal form, function, and diversity by combining comparative, developmental, and theoretical approaches. The department consists of two units, Integrative Zoology and Theoretical Biology. Please note that the website is currently under construction. Visit us again soon!



Dominik Huemer

Population dynamics of the European fire-bellied toad, Bombina bombina, in Obere Lobau (Donau-Auen National Park, Vienna)


Tobias Nigl BSc

The amphibian fauna of the Natura 2000 nature reserve “Traun-Donau-Auen” near Linz, with evaluation of important spawning sites and...


New Paper in Insects

The Mouthparts of Female Blood-Feeding Frog-Biting Midges (Corethrellidae, Diptera)


New Paper in Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift

The snakeflies of the Mediterranean islands: review and biogeographical analysis (Neuropterida, Raphidioptera).


New paper in Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

Site-specific attachment of Anodonta anatina (Bivalvia: Unionidae) glochidia on two new fish hosts introduced in Lake Trasimeno (Italy).


Simon Züger

Heavy element biomaterials and sclerotization gradients in the centipede forcipule


Stefanie Gruber

Messung der Thoraxtemperatur von Tagfaltern (Papilionoidea) im Freiland


New paper in Symmetry

Adaptability of Bony Armor Elements of the Threespine Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus (Teleostei: Gasterosteidae): Ecological and Evolutionary...


New paper in Journal of Experimental Zoology

Characterization of eyes, photoreceptors, and opsins in developmental stages of the arrow worm Spadella cephaloptera (Chaetognatha)

Departmental Seminar Evolutionary Biology
Summer Term 2023

Tuesdays. 11:30 - 13:00
300142 SE Evolutionary Biology (2022S)

Hörsaal 3, UBB
, Djerassiplatz 1, 1030 Vienna

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 Upcoming talks:


Population studies on green toads in Vienna (Simmeringer Haide)


Morphological characterization of adult and juvenile lumbricid earthworm specimen (both Fitzingeria platyura) using micro-CT-scanning


Habitat use and activity patterns of the European green toad (Bufotes viridis) in an urban habitat compared to a natural area


Effects of copper on development and behavior of green toad tadpoles


Phenotypic divergence across a flow regime in the Blackspot barb Dawkinsia filamentosa (Valenciennes 1844) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Sri Lanka.


What can trait covariances tell us about the underlying developmental processes?