Departmental Seminar: Evolutionary Biology

Summer Term 2023

Tuesdays 11:30-13:00
Lecture Hall 3, University of Vienna Biology Building, Djerassiplatz 1, 1030 Vienna

30300142 SE Evolutionary Biology (2023S)
Departmentalseminar for Masterstudents
3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie
Continuous assessment of course work

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March 7th Günter Wagner
Digit loss and re-evolution in the Philippine skink genus Brachymeles
March 14th Martin Kapun
The evolution of insects in changing environments: From population genetics to host-symbiont interactions
March 21st Aleksei Miroliubov
Body snatchers: parasitic barnacles (Cirrripedia: Rhizocephala) as a promising model for host-manipulation studies.
March 28th Kathrin Lunzer
Muscle development in chaetognaths
Anna-Chiara Barta
DNA barcoding of Austrian terrestrial Isopoda integrating historic museum material
April 18th Matthäus Greilhuber
Integrative taxonomy and DNA barcoding of Austrian freshwater turbellarians
David Koller
Developmental Gene Expression in Cephalopod Eyes
April 25th June Ordonez
Neuronal cell type development in the chaetognath Spadella cephaloptera (Busch, 1851)
Eileen Leder
Monitoring the European Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) in Donaufeld, Vienna
May 2nd Anton Lamboj
Revisional works on hemichromine cichlids (Pisces:Teleostei) – what has been done and what's in the pipeline.
May 9th Sara Kast
Austrolethops wardi (Teleostei: Gobiidae) – does phylogenetic conservatism obscure trophic ecology?
May 16th Antonia Grausgruber
Investigating the evolutionary origin of animal cell differentiation
David Stohlmann
Towards high-quality gene annotation in cephalopod genomes
May 23rd Seyedeh Saghar Sadraei-CANCELLED
The expression of anterior nervous system markers in the chaetognath Spadella cephaloptera
Thomas Eckhardt
Generating the tools to analyze the functional interplay between Hox Genes in Nematostella vectensis
June 6th Luise Aiglsperger
Population studies on green toads in Vienna (Simmeringer Haide)
Anna Lanen
Morphological characterization of adult and juvenile lumbricid earthworm specimen (both Fitzingeria platyura) using micro-CT-scanning
June 13th Lina Ried
Activity patterns of the European green toad (Bufotes viridis) in rural and urban areas
Nadine Lehofer
Movement and behavior of the green toad (Bufotes viridis) in an urban area compared to a natural habitat
June 20th Lukas Theil
Effects of copper on development and behavior of green toad tadpoles
Marcel Vermeulen
Phenotypic divergence across a flow regime in the Blackspot barb Dawkinsia filamentosa (Valenciennes 1844) (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Sri Lanka.
June 27th Philipp Hummer
What can trait covariances tell us about the underlying developmental processes?
Anna Feix
Characterization of extracellular vesicles of the parasite Cystoisospora suis