Departmental Seminar: Evolutionary Biology

Summer Term 2020

Tuesdays. 11:00 - 12:30
Seminar Room 3, UZA1 Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna

Due to current measures by the University of Vienna, the seminar is expected to be paused until April 3, 2020!


March 3rd Mihaela Pavlicev
Getting at the mechanisms of human gestational length
Philipp Mitteröcker
Human evolution in modern societies: A shifting trade-off model
March 10th Andreas Wanninger
Deep time evolution of Mollusca: a tale of rocks, morphology, and molecules
Harald Krenn & Andy Sombke
Arthropod Research in Integrative Zoology
March 17th Katya Stansfield
Biomechanics of the pelvic floor as a possible evolutionary constaint in humans - CANCELLED!
Anne Le Maître
What can we learn from the ear morphology in mammals? - CANCELLED!
March 24th Sabine Agatha
Collecting Bits and Pieces - An Integrative Study on Marine Planktonic Ciliate - CANCELLED!
March 31st Hannah Steiner
Distribution and population structure of the Alpine- and the Firesalamander in the „Defereggen-valley“ in East Tyrol - CANCELLED!
Hans Kraus
Phenology and growth of fire salamander larvae in streams and standing waters of the Vienna Woods - CANCELLED!
April 21st Hannes Hackl
Acoustic actvity measurements on animals using innovative methods
April 28th Sebastian Büsse
Biomechanics of the predatory strike in dragonfly larvae
May 5th Christian Wirkner
Evolutionary Morphology of Chelicerates
May 12th Harald Meimberg
Hybrid-zones, admixture, and adaptive introgression: Examples for evolutionary and ecological effects of hybridization in vertebrates and plants
May 19th Brian Metcher
EvoDevo Imaging MicroCT
Nina Kraus
3D Investigation of Anuran Heart Development
May 26th Fred Bookstein
Limits of statistics: what Fred Bookstein has been thinking about lately
June 9th Kenneth Kuba
How do Wasps drink?- Form and function of the mouthparts and organs of the oral cavity from Vespinae and Polistinae (Vespidae, Hymenoptera)
Student's guest
June 16th Swen Renner
June 23rd Student's guest
Student's guest
June 30th Barbara Fischer