Leandro Manzoni Vieira


Detecting and evaluating exotic bryozoans in Brazil

Departamento de Zoologia, Centro de Biociências
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil


Globally the number of exotic non-indigenous invasive species is rising. Some bryozoans are successful invaders from tropical to temperate waters, but studies focusing on the mechanisms of introduction, dispersal and impacts caused on exotic bryozoans are still poorly studied. Recently, the utilization of local and global criteria of exotic species allowed us to provide a first list of exotic bryozoans in Brazilian waters, SW Atlantic. In this context, 12 species were classified as exotic, besides other 17 species considered as potentially exotic (cryptogenic). At least a new invader, Amathia alternata Lamouroux, 1816, has been reported in the past two years from Brazil. New data on Brazilian bryozoans suggests lacking clear criteria to assign exotic species results in a reduction in number of exotic species. Continuous assessment in artificial areas may also help in detection of exotic species and in the reclassification of some cryptogenic bryozoans.