Investigations on the interface of populations and species - Selected examples from fishes and snails.


Luise Kruckenhauser

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

exceptionally starting at 10:00

In the scientific talk as a part of my habilitation process I will give an overview of my work at the Natural History Museum during the last years. In my research I integrate various methods, mainly based on morphological and molecular investigations of different animal species to gain a better understanding of microevolutionary processes that lead to speciation. Hence many of the research items are localized at the interface of populations and species. I will give examples from the fish genus Garra in Northern Oman and three genera of land gastropods in Central Europe (Trochulus, Noricella and Cylindrus).

left: Garra longipinnis from Oman, surface and cave form; right: two snail species that are endemic in Austria (white: Cylindrus obstusus, brown: Noricella oreinos (pictures: Sandra Kirchner and Barbara Tautscher); below: Structure plot showing delimitation of populations in Garra.