Eileen Leder


Monitoring the European Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) in Donaufeld, Vienna

MSc Student
Advisor: Günter Gollmann

Unit for Theoretical Biology, Department of Evolutionary Biology
University of Vienna


The European Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) is considered critically endangered in Vienna and is protected under Annex IV of the European Council Habitats  Directive. Like most amphibians the Green Toads require both terrestrial and aquatic habitats for their different life stages. Bufotes viridis’ habitats primarily consist of open steppes with sparse vegetation and loose soils.

The Green Toad population in Donaufeld is facing significant threats due to planned construction and habitat loss, including the destruction of the breeding site primarily used during the last years. As a substitute, a compensation pond was built nearby.

The aim of this study is to monitor the population of Green Toads in Donaufeld during the breeding season of 2023. Data on snout vent length (SVL), location, sex, body mass and a picture will be taken of all encountered toads. Monitoring will include the compensation pond as well as possible new breeding sites and toads encountered in the field or on the streets. The following research questions shall be answered: Is Bufotes viridis accepting the compensation pond and using it as a breeding site? Where in the Donaufeld is Bufotes viridis breeding besides the compensation pond? Are the size and condition of the population similar to previous years?