Distribution and population structure of the Alpine- and the Firesalamander in the Defereggen valley in East Tyrol


Hannah Steiner

MSc student (Adv. Günter Gollmann)
Unit for Theoretical Biology, Department of Evolutionary Biology
University of Vienna


The Alpine Salamander (Salamandra atra) is a very relevant species when it comes to conservation biology because of it´s high status of protection. Nevertheless it is still hardly explored in Austria, especially in East Tyrol. Whereas the Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra) is rather well explored and commonly known, due to its eye-catching coloration. Both species are present in the Defereggen valley in East Tyrol and in the course of this master thesis, one of the main aims is to identify their distributions inside the valley and along elevation. Another aim is to analyze the population composition of the subpopulations of both species. Therefore different transects or linear structures will be visited regularly where a presence/absence-monitoring will be conducted. For each individual sex, life stage, body mass and length will be recorded. The background question is, if the condition of individuals changes with elevation. A further objective of this master thesis is the examination of potential larval-waterbodies of S. salamandra.