Anna-Chiara Barta


Phylogeny and Evolution of Peracarida (Crustacea)

PhD Student
Supervisor(s): Luise Kruckenhauser, Martin Schwentner

TAC-members: Stefan Richter, Kevin Kocot, Georg Brenneis
Funding: FWF/DFG funded project

Natural History Museum Vienna;
Unit for Integrative Zoology, Department of Evolutionary Biology
University of Vienna


Peracarida, a diverse subgroup of malacostracan crustaceans, has long been supported as monophyletic based on morphological evidence. However, recent molecular studies challenge this consensus, necessitating a comprehensive reevaluation. This dissertation, integral to an FWF-funded project, seeks to explore phylogenetic relationships within Peracarida, focusing on uncertainties related to monophyly, internal relationships, and the phylogeny of Isopoda. Employing next-generation sequencing methods, transcriptome sequencing, and target capture, the study aims to generate dense genomic datasets. The subsequent collaborative analysis with partners integrates morphological perspectives with the molecular data, providing a comprehensive approach to construct the phylogeny. Utilizing the molecular genetic data, the research investigates the correlation between evolutionary rates and two critical life-history traits: reproductive strategy and habitat preferences. By delving into these aspects, the project aspires to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the evolution of Peracarida.